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UK High Court rules that ISPs must block Pirate Bay

UK High Court rules that ISPs must block Pirate Bay
UK High Court rules that ISPs must block Pirate Bay Virgin Media, Sky et al The British public will no longer be able to access file-sharing site The Pirate Bay after the High Court ruled that UK internet service providers are to block their users from visiting it. ISPs, such as Virgin Media, have previously refused voluntarily to block Newzbin 2, a site that similarly offered links to pirated content. When asked to by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), it said it would require a court order to make it do so. Now that has come, with the world's highest-profile torrent website the first target. Speaking to the BBC, Virgin Media said: "As a responsible...
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Tips & Trick: 10 Ways To Access Blocked WebSites

Tips & Trick: 10 Ways To Access Blocked WebSites
Websites like facebook , twitter and other social networking sites are generally blocked in schools, colleges and offices . There exist some tricks by which you can bypass the restrictions and access blocked sites , the most obvious is the use of proxies or Anonymizer websites . But using proxies doesn’t always works as they gets blocked by firewall as well . Here I am listing some other methods to access blocked contents . 1. Use IP instead of URL Each website has its equivalent ip address . This method works best when blocked sites are stored as a list of URLs .You can use ip address to access blocked contents . For example to access facebook you can...
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