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PARAMORE - Renegade (Video + Lyric)

PARAMORE - Renegade (Video + Lyric)
The grass wasn’t green enough here After watching you with my tears I’m not sure where you went We are, just past tense The snakes, they are slithering in Chasing me to my end Can’t say where that is I’m running again Oh, when I get there it won’t be far enough I’m a renegade It’s in my blood If ever I get there It won’t be fast enough I’m a renegade I always was Well, your spark never lit up the fire Though we tried and tried and tried The wind came through your lungs A hurricane from your tongue I’ll keep your secrets with me Right behind my teeth The anger, the anchor I’ll sail more...

iPhone 5

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 Mulai Diproduksi Satu lagi rumor tentang iPhone 5 yang akan diprediksi akan dirilis pada Oktober nanti. Rumor terbaru menyebutkan bahwa subkontraktor Apple di China, Foxconn Technology dan Pegatron Technology, telah memulai memproduksi smartphone yang sudah dinanti itu. Benarkah? sekali lagi belum tahu pasti. Namun, situs teknologi Jepang, Macotakara's Danbo, Selasa (6/9/2011) mengabarkan bahwa kedua perusahaan China tersebut memang benar telah mulai memproduksi iPhone 5. Meski demikian, produksi belum mencapai tahap akhir. Masih menurut Macotakara's Danbo, seperti diberitakan International Business Times, karena perangkat yang telah...
AGUNKz scrEaMO {Agung YuLy Diyantoro} BlogPengirimAGUNKz scrEaMO {Agung YuLy Diyantoro} Blog · Lihat Profil AGUNKz scrEaMO {Agung YuLy Diyantoro} Blog · Lihat Blog AGUNKz scrEaMO {Agung YuLy Diyantoro} BlogViewDibaca : 2458 Kali
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dark .Angel , my december

dark .Angel , my december
you make me regret to know you its a very brief introduction, even I never meet you... but it feel so close you gave me hope, but only for a moment... like a wind... you make me happy... you made me smile to myself, when I think of you,,, feel like crazy... in every that smile.. is my hope, you come with softly.. with your beautiful wings, angel I don't know what you mean, and this is make me confused .. I don't care about all of that, because I'm happy.. but.. after she comes to your life... you broke my heart...its fall apart... you make me regret no problem... because we still be friends, but what did you doing now? you really left me. and you...
chimmePengirimchimme · Lihat Profil chimme · Lihat Blog chimmeViewDibaca : 2100 Kali
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