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[engsub] [perf] I.O.I - Hold On

[engsub] [perf] I.O.I - Hold On
hello~ It's been a long time since I released a PV/perf with Translation and Karaoke Sub. what was it? AKB? oh yeah it's gingham check. :P Since then I've been going back and forth from jpop to kpop lol. And now I've been following I.O.I for a while, well, since Produce 101 actually. I really miss I.O.I with 11 members, and because of that, for their comeback this time, I decided to sub 'Hold On' performance, since I like this song so much. Not too much karaoke effect, I don't really have much time because of real life. >.< Big thanks to @Yubseyo for giving permission to me for using his/her translation ^^ So...
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PARAMORE - Renegade (Video + Lyric)

PARAMORE - Renegade (Video + Lyric)
The grass wasn’t green enough here After watching you with my tears I’m not sure where you went We are, just past tense The snakes, they are slithering in Chasing me to my end Can’t say where that is I’m running again Oh, when I get there it won’t be far enough I’m a renegade It’s in my blood If ever I get there It won’t be fast enough I’m a renegade I always was Well, your spark never lit up the fire Though we tried and tried and tried The wind came through your lungs A hurricane from your tongue I’ll keep your secrets with me Right behind my teeth The anger, the anchor I’ll sail more...